Resource Options provides seo consultancy services in the information management field. This includes promoting all aspects of a business with the following SEO Services:

• Perpetual Key Words Insertion
• Content Development
• Constant Link Building
• Fresh Blog and Article Posting
• Local Search Optimization
• Submission in Business Directories
• Social Bookmarking
• Generation of Competitive Analysis Report
• Video Optimization
• Forum Posting
• Formulation of Consolidated SEO Strategy

We have undertaken work in a wide range of organisations including Government, private enterprise and not for profit groups.

SEO Experience

Our SEO experience includes: Establishment of records management systems, Information audits SEO Management Writing of policies and procedures, Writing of strategic implementation plans, including SRIPS required under the new Public Records Act 2002 in Queensland, SEM Social Media Management Valuation of library collections, Establishment of new libraries, Cataloguing of image (for example, photographic) collections, Staff Training Our consultancy services include: Records management Information managment Database solutions To find out more, please contact one of our consultants.

Our Clients

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Posting and Optimization Y Y Y
Social Bookmarking Submission Y Y Y
Article Submission and Optimization Y Y Y
Blog Posting Y Y Y
PR Submission Y Y Y
Forum Posting Y Y Y
Feed Submission Y Y Y
Classified Ads Promotion Y Y Y
PPT Create & Submission Y Y Y
Product Listing via Google Merchant & Bing Y Y
Wiki Content Creation Y
Other Related to Media etc

Online Marketing Solutions

Solutions for the management of your records include :

Records Management Software
File classification schemes
File creation, tracking and retrieval
Disposal and retention schedules
Thesaurus construction
Legal Solutions
Resource Options is a Partner of Omni SEO Solutions Inc, who provide advanced online marketing management software for the systematic lifecycle management of your organisation's vital business information and online marketing solutions. Available in Workgroup, Professional, Enterprise or Hosted Editions, the Omni Web Based Suite of SEO software is designed to consolidate active file management, SEM, search engine optimisation, Online Brand Reputation management, inactive records center management and retention schedule development in a single enterprise system.


Contact us for a demonstration and further information about Omni SEO Solutions.

We will work with you to manage all your corporate SEO marketing and provide solutions for smart storage and retrieval of your ranking and keyword information which is efficient and user-friendly.


Management of your company’s web analytics will save you both time and money as it allows duplication to be avoided and ensures that the most up-to-date optimisation information is available to your staff.

Resource Options will work with you to:

Identify your company's keyword resources
Implement strategies to manage and promote these content resources

At Resource Options we understand that every business is different and will work within your parameters to tailor the right solution, within budget, for you.

For more on our seo marketing, contact one of our consultants.