Things to Consider When Buying Forklift Batteries

There are thousands of companies throughout Australia that rely on forklift trucks for the day to day running of their operations. As with most vehicles, these types rely on battery power in order to function at their fullest and although these energy sources are intended to last for years, they won’t last forever. When forklift batteries expire, it can all but put an end to the features afforded by these work trucks – and getting a new battery fitted should be a top priority.

Before buying a replacement battery, it’s a good idea to consider all options carefully – after all particular battery models offer specific advantages, while others might not.


As mentioned above, most battery packs are intended to last for several years at a time, if not longer. When looked after properly, a battery could last for up to a decade without needing replacement – and with a good replacement coming in at a couple of hundred dollars, it makes more sense to opt for a brand that prioritises longevity. Many manufacturers provide information on the actual battery relating to its estimated lifespan, but as they are all rechargeable it’s best to run the truck at least three to four times a week to aid in recharging, whilst prolonging battery life.


Most forklifts will require a battery with a minimum level of power in order to operate. Although this minimum will be pre-defined depending on the type of truck in use, it’s entirely possible to invest in a higher-powered battery and receive a greater level of performance as a result. These batteries can be a little more expensive, but they also offer the highest level of services and can outlast their cheaper alternatives by several years. They will also often comprise of greater quality battery acid, meaning a more consistent flow of energy without interruption.

Size and compatibility

With plenty of forklift manufacturers in Australia alone, it’s very important to ensure that all parts purchased are compatible with the specific truck in question. Most battery brands will aim to keep their products universal, but there are those that are developed with a particular model in mind. The best way to compare potential batteries is to take a look at the one previously installed. If one isn’t present, then there may be information included within the battery compartment – and if not, then it should be easy to find online.

For further information it’s a good idea to get in touch with a professional supplier. They will typically be happy to offer advice on the best types of truck batteries, as well as extend the fairest prices on the market. A good battery should be affordable, reliable and offer a great level of performance – and anything less may end up causing electronic damage to the vehicle, especially if the manufacturing quality is poor. More at