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anxiety depression stress counselling Mental Health and Wellbeing is becoming a greater priority as modern day anxiety, stress and depression is affecting more and more ordinary Australians. Awareness and access to psychological support has never been greater.

Whether it’s a specific problem that you are dealing with such as a relationship break-down, alcohol or drug addiction or life just feels too overwhelming for you to handle, you can contact us for help and discuss these problems in a confidential and caring environment with one of our highly qualified and experienced psychologists or addiction counsellors.

Our professional psychologists and counsellors can help with a broad range of issues including:

• Relationship and marriage counselling
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Anger management
• Drug and Alcohol addiction
• Post Traumatic Stress
• Grief and loss counselling
• Self-esteem and self development
• Workplace issues

* Sessions available in Mandarin

Contact New Vision Psychology to book an appointment with a psychologist counsellor, or to inquire on how psychological support can assist you.

Self Esteem and Self Development Counselling

When it comes to self-esteem and self development, you might not believe that how you feel is important enough to warrant professional help. The truth is that feeling self confident, happy and even valuable in our lives is crucial to our overall health and wellbeing, so it might be time to seek out self esteem and self development counselling.

Signs and Symptoms of low self esteem

While feeling low about yourself at times is a common perception, the severity of how you feel is often set aside. While it’s no secret that everybody thinks negatively about their appearance and daily accomplishments at times, not all of us think critically of ourselves on a more consistent basis. Feeling a perpetual sense of low self-worth or failure is more extreme than simply feeling odd in a particular outfit or feeling down about an error made at work.

Causes of low Self Esteem

Self-esteem is a behaviour that is learned during childhood, and is shaped by your own personal experiences as you grow into adulthood. This means that factors such as strict parenting, excessive criticism and physical and emotional abuse will affect how you perceive yourself- as well as factors such as absent positive reinforcement, stigmatization (usually for unusual appearance or behavior), or discrimination.

This is not to say that a well-developed self-esteem can’t be affected by big changes or situations in adult life. Factors such as losing a job, ending a long-term relationship, or experiencing health problems can all lead to self esteem issues.

Low self-esteem is not just triggered by upbringing, life changes and how you feel about yourself; it is also a condition that can be triggered by other illnesses. Some of these are:

• Codependency
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Physical, emotional, or sexual abuse

How can Counselling help Improve your Self-Esteem?

Frequent counselling sessions can help to improve your self esteem by addressing the issues that make you feel unworthy. Simply talking through the reasons why you feel unimportant and not good enough can help you to gain a stronger sense of self over time. A counsellor will help you to become:

• More assertive
• More self-aware
• More confident

It can give you a sense of accomplishment and can work to define certain activities that can both boost your confidence and show you how competent you are. Self development counselling will allow you to develop more realistic goals that are wholly achievable.

You may be offered solution-focused therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and/or animal therapy outside of a simple consultation. Whenit is particluarly hard to build positive self esteem; working with a professional can provide unconditional positive regard and respect that will help you to better understand your self-worth.

If you feel that yourself, or someone that you know, may need help with self esteem or self development through counselling please feel free to contact Counselling Psychologist Serving Hurstville, Kogarah, Rockdale, Brighton Le Sands, & Sutherland areas for more information or a consultation.

Appointments are available after hours, including Saturdays. Home visits are also available. Concession rates apply.